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Max Surban is known as one of the best novelty singers of the Philippines and the King of Visayan song. He composes and writes his own songs and, at the time of this writing, has made more than 35 albums. Many of his songs have earned Gold and Platinum Record Awards.

Max Surban has recorded with several different companies including Universal Records, Vicor Recording Company, Alpha Records, and ABS-CBN Star Records. Some of his top selling albums are “Magparetoki”, “Gihidlaw na Intawon Ako [Mitulo na]”, “Dobol Trobol [with Yoyoy Villame]”, “Nabali ang Krismas Tri”, “Ballroom to D' Max” and a muslim song entitled “ Baleleng”(means sweetheart).

Most of his songs are original, and a few of them are musical adaptations in which lyrics have been changed to Visayan. His songs inject humor and reflect Filipino traditions especially those of the barrios, towns, and provinces.

Max Surban had also released “Ang Harana ni Max Surban”, an album of ballads and more traditional songs. It contains adaptations of all time favorites by the classic Cebuano composers. He performed live in the US, Canada, Australia, Norway and Austria.

To many who love his music, Max is and remains, the pride of the Cebuanos. He, who has truly won the hearts of the Visayan people.